How to Get Toilet Paper Out of Your Tree

I am a former 15 year veteran of Student Ministry. Some people call it Youth Group. I hate that term. It’d take another post to understand why. In 15 years my house has been the subject of pranks. One morning I woke up and there was a goat tied to a tree in the front yard. I live in the ‘burbs. Then they forked my lawn. Google it. They post-it noted my car. All of it. No that glue doesn’t come off easy. They Christmas wrapped my car. They shaving creamed a message on my garage. They snuck into  my house while I was on vacation and rearranged the whole house. The living room was in the kitchen. The kitchen was in a bedroom and so on… The thing I actually dislike the most is when they toilet paper my house. Its the most boring. The easiest to clean up. So here is how you clean it up:

  1. Pick up all the stuff off the ground you can roll
  2. Rake up all the other big pieces…if it gets dirt in it it actually helps.
  3. Get out your hose. Turn on high. Blast everything else out of the trees. TP dissolves in water.
  4. Take a picture. Maybe this should have been #1.

That’s pretty much it. Not rocket science. Imagine you could do the same thing in your life with interruptions. What if you had a simple strategy for reacting to a mess.  Maybe you could use the TP method?

  1. Respond to what you know must be done first. Eliminate clutter. The big pieces. Start with the easiest of the hardest.
  2. Get some tools to help you cope with what remains of the clutter. Tools look like people, God, a Bible, counselors, friends, mentors…
  3. Have some fun with the problem. Blast away and play. (yep the hose part)
  4. Remember your trial for it is sure to find you in some form again.

If you are in a mess now. Let me know. The best thing I can do for you is to pray for you.

How do you handle a surprise mess?

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Toilet Paper Out of Your Tree

  1. Gaby Zegans

    I take pride in knowing that i was involved in some of those pranks! You’re welcome!!


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